Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Steps To My Successful Life

   Success, everyone always wanted to be successful in their life in many ways. But sadly there are just a few who actually succeed at the end, so what makes these minority to fulfill their own dream? Are there any secret technique? Is it just a granting for the luckiest? Or just a fruit from plain hard work? Well of course the truth is, it's just the result from our struggling hard work in life. Speaking about this, i will tell you a brief story about my life, from my childhood and my future plans to succeed.


   Childhood is really a critical age for everyone because how one's character shaped is determined from his/her experience as a child. So in this age people should be given proper treatment from their parents in order to become a really precious person in the future. For an example, if a child is asking something curiously, we must answer it and never scold them no matter what, because if we did then we'll surely kill our child's curiosity which is really precious for their future. Also, we should never give lies to them because children will always believe and remember lies that their parents told them. Thank God I was treated well so now i still have the child curiosity of mine.

Middle School Life

   At this age, people would tend to fulfill their curiosity by finding out something for himself, be it from experiment, research, or just learning from book and the internet. I was like that when i'm in the middle school, I've always doing many things to expand my knowledge, not for pride or anything, just a pure curiosity running in my blood. And this was great because that means i developed my youth very well, many youngsters should be like this too because a young man with an extremely high curiosity and the will to research for it are really potential to be a really smart or even a genius person like those scientist who invented our gadget, vehicle, or even food. Of course, being a person who can invent something new is one of the major way to be success.

High School Life

   We're stepping at the times when we're starting to think maturely. Well this is currently me right now, so whats my story? Well, its actually not that different from Middle School life, it just that from the High School, we started to do things and thinking more realistically. So of course curiosity is still important in this life, as Einstein said, "Never lose the holy Curiosity". So at this age i started to thinking things like "What can i do for human technology improvement? Be it in physics, technology, ecology, or anything that can help humanity? What can i produce from my research? What can i give to this world?" many thoughts like that which i tried to answer. 

   These are things that i do now to be success, i must find something new, be it a method to solving a problems, or invent an object that can be really useful in life. I've always thinking about it until now, but yeah it's really hard to find something new, well basically it because i am lack of ideas. But it turns out to be that idea came when we don't aware about it, it really just spring out from our thought, that's why searching it on purpose can very hard. But of course "Nothing worth having comes easy" right?

In the Future

   I've always wanted to succeed in finding something new in my life at the future and wins a Nobel prize for my country. Of course I really wanted to be the first person from Indonesia who won a Nobel prize, i mean, how wonderful it could be? Of course I'll be a successful person in instant. So my plans is when i graduate from high school, i'll take a department of Astronomy at Bandung Institute of Technology which is my greatest passion in life. I will constantly learning and seriously doing research often to find new methods in order to improve human spaceflight or astronomical education in my country. I really wish that i could win a Nobel prize in Cosmology, or in Quantum Mechanics which is my passion in life. And when i become rich from it, of course i would give my wealth to my parents because they mean everything to me, and donate it to people in need because i realize that there are still a lot of people who need money more than me to afford food, water, medicine, clothes, and even a home to live.

Of course, I will be success when i become a person that can give everything to my parents and people in need.

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