Minggu, 20 September 2015

My Name is Satria

    Let me introduce myself, Im a human, a perfectly imperfect human being. Or should I say... just a normally normal person with an abnormaly, supernormal normality??? (lol, no)

   Ok, let's be honest, here's my biodata:

Name               : Satria Ahmad Ramadhan
Friendly Name : Some people call me Kishi, Armando, Dewa, Sarjiwo(please, just call me Satria :'v)
Gender              : Male, purely male
Are you sure     : YEAH!!!
Country            : Indonesia
Province           : West Java
City                  : Bandung
Phone number  : 08132463XXXX
Without "X"     : NO
Age                  : 15 years old
Date of Birth    : 24 Desember 1999 (yes, it's christmas eve)
Religion           : I'm Islam :D (no no, i accept anyone :) )
Gender             : Didn't I say I'm a male??
Prove it            : Go home!
Fav, Colour      : Well, black and white are awesome!
Fav. Animal     : Felix domesticus :D
Fav. Food         : Emm... is "anything-delicious-and-healthy" counted as a food???
Fav. Game        : Command & Conquer series, Patapon series, FF Type-0, and Munster Hunter series
Fav. Place         : I think it's a place where there is lot of plants, water, and it's raining...
Fav. Music       : (Unspecified)
Fav. Things      : ROBOT!!!
Hobby              : 1. Robotics
                           2. Playing piano
                           3. Read books (how mainstream is this)
                           4. Playing video game (even this)
                           5. Designing robot
                           6. Building robot
                           7. Controlling robot
                           8. Programming robot
                           9. Playing robot
                           10. Anything i didn't mention before
Status                : Never been in relationship before
Are you gay?    : NO
Prove it             : I like girls -_-
Are you sure?   : Yes :v
Type of Girl     : ...... To much to describe.......
Describe it       : A really, really cute girl with a really soft voices, soft and white skin, feminime                                    attitude, gentle heart, not to tall, short haired (approximately, in line with shoulder),
                           patientfull, religious, and things i didn't say before :v
Motto               : "Knowledge isn't everything, but everything without knowledge is NOTHING"
Do you like
anime?             : Yes (how specific is this question???)
What anime?   : Gosick, Angel Beats!, Clannad, Steins;Gate, Chuudeko
Name of waifu: Shut up
School              : SMAN 3 Bandung!!! :D
Fav. Lessons    : English, Biology, Chemistry, and IT Class!
Additional info : I love loli, especially gothic lolita.......................................................................

  Ok, enough, enough... so now you know....... well then, Hi! :D as I said, i really love robotics. Here are my Robots:

The Land Maker Robo for saving victims from debris, it is controlled directly by a Handphone. I participated it on Parahyangan Robotic Competition 2013 : Operation: High Risk

The Maze Runner Robo, a robot with two ultrasonic sensors and two light sensor for escaping obstacles. I participated it on KROMA 2013 (Kontes Robot Maranatha 2013) at Trans Studio :D

And finally, KIBO, my most advanced Robot built for digging, planting, and watering plant. It is equipped with 5 DC Motor, 3 Servo Motor, a drill, a water can, and a crane. I participated it on Parahyangan Robotic Competition 2014 : Robots for Human Welfare

Oh yeah, Alhamdulillah, I've won the first place on Jakarta Robotic day 2013 on NXT Based Category :D i didn't have the photo of my robot, sorry... It was a very, very memorable experience untill now. I really love it!! The Competition is actually International, including all ASEAN countries, but... there aren't any other countries that participated in NXT Based :'D. My opponent were mostly at Senior High School (SMU) while I'm still at Junior High School (SMP). Here's the proof: http://www.pikiran-rakyat.com/foto/2013/09/05/249437/siswi-smpn-1-bandung-juara-lomba-robotic-day

(That was me on the center) Our task on that competition was creating a full set LEGO NXT that can run through the obstacles and grab two from four LEGO bricks with valid colours.

Well... I think That's all from Me :D Assalamuallaikum, :) i hope you didn't cry because of my blog :v

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