Minggu, 20 September 2015

My New Friend

Well, hello guys!

Today is your lucky day because you are reading my blog :D (lol, no)

   Well... this time i will introduce my new friend! :D Her name is Aisyah Nurul Izzah Adma. she is a girl (obviously). In my opinion, she is smart, dilligent, kind, calm, warm, gentle, and... smart... yeah, i said it twice. Her favourite food are sate padang (padang's satai), nasi goreng (fried rice), and lumpia basah (yang ini saya gak tau). Her hobbies are writing novel or a short stories and designing clothes! (Not too mainstream like me :v) She also likes dark pink an tosca as her favourite colour. And... Favourite class subjects? She likes math... (Thats creepy for me :v). and for the last, She have three dreams: First, she wants to be her parents pride. Second, she wants to be an entrepreneur. And the third, she wants to be a succesful writer :D

I think that's all about her... i like her (AS A FRIEND)
Again, Thank you for reading my blog! :D hope you didn't cry :v

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