Minggu, 10 Januari 2016

New Year Holiday

Hello reader :)


So... we all have a new year holiday, almost every country have it! You have it, we have it, she have it, they have it... (wumbo)

But now i will tell you about mine, if you dont mind ;)

(Skipped dates are days without very special things to said)

First Week
(21 - 27 Des)

23 Des.
My friend Naura is having a Birth Day!!! Accel students is celebrating it on her (kost in english)!!! But... sadly i went late, so i didnt participate the party :') still... HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAURA!!!

24 Des.
Now its my BIRTHDAY!!! A wasn't sleep to 00.00 am, waiting for my 16.. and Im really surprised that all my Accel friend was secretly making a birthday video from me!!! I watched their video... and i was very, very happy :') Seriously... i just... I never thought they would actually made it for me :') THANKYOU VERY MUCH FRIENDS!!! Oh, and at the same day, i went to Gramedia on TSM and bought my long-time-seeking book... "Ensiklopedi Ruang Angkasa"!!!

26-27 Des.
My family went visited the Mercure Hotel at Lembang for two days!!! I was very happy especially at night beacuse the swimming pool was shining with hundreds of underwater light that act like stars on the night sky! Also... I WAS ASTROPHOTOGRAPHING!!! I took the photo of Orion, Betelgeuse, Procyon, Sirius, Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka, and Bellatrix!!!

Second Week
(28 Des-3 Jan)

28 Des.
We watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens at cinema! The move was cool, its perfect for a Star Wars fan like me and my little brother~ But i prefer Kylo Ren as my new favourite character :D, yes, he  is evil... but i think he is cool! Especially the three-bladed light saber XD

31 Des.
We went to my aunt house on Padalarang to celebrate Happy New Year! there were sooo many fireworks that rapidly explode, and those explosion just sounds like a gun! An explosive gun!! :v

Third Week
(4 Jan-10 Jan)

4 Jan.
My family went to Farm House on Lembang, the place was amazing! There, we can see so many buildings and garden that are imitating european region!  Such as Dutch, German, Britain, Greenland, and many more!

6 jan.
I attended the Pita Biru organization meeting on Ad Course. I came from Atrophile tho...

8-9 Jan.
There's a Diklat PMR (Red Cross)!!! We went to Puntang Mountain and have a camp at there! We were making our own tent, helping victims out of disaster, Cooking for dinner, firecamping, and many more!!! Ohh, and i really love the place because it's so unique!!! We were just 8 person who participated, so the solidarity is strong... such a memorable experience... THANKYOU MATE!!!

Soo... I think thats all, well thankyou very much for your time guys ;D

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