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The Gamarvani, Experiencing an Experience


Well, welcome back again my friend! :D
This time, i will tell you abou my experience in Gamarvani!! :D Now... what is Gamarvani? Is it delicious? Well... Gamarvani is a Sundanese culture festival from SMA N 3 Bandung. It includes many things like performances, shows, foods and drinks.

Let's start from Saturday morning 19 September 2015.....

                                                                -The Story Begins-

   It's me... i woke up at around 5 in the morning... i took a shubuh prayer.. and then, i slept........

   I'ts me again... i woke up at 7 in the morning... and Gamarvani started at 7 o'clock on that time...... so........ i realized something.................................. I'm sleepy

   I'ts me again..., i woke up again at 12... I herd the sound of Adzan, and i realized something, yes... OH MY GOD I'M LATE. wait no, DZUHUR PRAYER FIRST!!! So, with the speed of The Flash, I wore my Pangsi (Sundanese traditional outfit for male) and get prepared for Gamarvani, I didn't have time for asking my friend on LINE. After that, my mom came home, She asked about me and my little brother (Yes, i was taking care of my little brother at home, that's why i'm nganggur* in the house). With full set of pangsi like a jagger, i told my mom that I'm ready to go, but then she told me, at the moment my mom wanted to go too... so i have to wait to went together... Well.................. now that's something...

   It's 13.30 now, i went to Gamarvani together with my mom by car, private car (you don't say). And arrived at about two o'clock, but when me and my mom wanted to enter, I noticed something... I'm the only living human who wore full set of pangsi like a jagger alone!!!!! Of course I'm panicked, i contacted my friend to check if someone wore a pangsi too inside the festival... but, negative, they already changed their clothes too casual.... (Well, mostly) but then i metmy friend who wore pangsi too, but lucky for him, he wore jeans... not like me who wore a pangsi pants and a pair of sandals like a jagger from outer space... -_-

   So.......... I went back home to change my clothes, while my mom went inside the festival with her friends. I was like "Ok, Satria... be passion, you'll gonna make it", I took the Antapani-Ciroyom Angkot, then I took the St. Hall-Sarijadi Angkot... at the first the Angkot was stopping by, or should i said "Ngetem" in Indonesian.... after minutes..., the angkot was still stopping.. oh my....... this is taking too long...... minutes later again, i was thinking that this angkot will stop by 'till night, but then miracle happen... it moving :v. Continuing the journey, i was so dissappointed that the angkot is stopping by again at Pasir Kaliki. And it was taking some times again -_-........ then..... the angkot was moving forward again................ untill it stopping again at Pasteur street -_-....... i was like "Keep calm Satria, be passion" Well...the problem is i am the only one who was wearing pangsi alone in the angkot...  i was really looked like a weird person from another dimension... untill i got another problem......... my mom called and told me that the Gamarvani Festival will be closing gate at about 5 o clock in the afternoon.... okay, now OH GOD I MUST HURRY!! So the angkot went moving again until it reaches and  MY GOD THE ANGKOT IS NGETHEM WAE AGAIN!!! Oh nooooo, am I gonna make it??? So at about 4 o'clock i've reached home, i changed my clothes from full set of pangsi like a jagger to the "Satria's 2015 not-so-cool casual style". My mom was recommending me to went back to the festival with my grandfather by motorcycle so i can arrived before 5 p.m.. But when i called my grandmother... negative, my grandpa was not at home..... then my grandma offered me to went by ojek* but i didn't take it cause I'm afraid that the ojek rider will go ngebut ganchang edhan pisan and I'm really afraid of an insanely high speed driving.

   So.... with haste, i took an angkot again...... when i entered the St. Hall-Sarijadi. The driver was preparing the angkot, he looked like repairing something, then finish... but didn't advance..then I saw him preparing something.. finish again... still won't go... wat dahek wit dis angkot...

(Because of the extremely annoying angkot, this part is skipped for your safety)

Sometimes an angkot can be annoying, but still... we need it

   When i arrived at Gamarvani the places is crowded, food n' drink stands everywhere, and a massive stage at the center! Ohh, and... A DRONE (You know what im obsessed to...). It was still Tiloe's Theater when I arrived, then followed by wayang show, and finally the music show!

   Yes, its time for the grand event, the performance of the band that I dont know the name!!! I can saw that almost all of the light were turned off, with only the stage's light and some lasers were on. "It'll be great" said my friends and I... but the band still wont came out, where are they? So we waited and waited, ok this is annoying as high as the angkot before... And so after minutes, the bands came out! Well I didnt know the band's name, or the song name, or how can the song be catchy, but... honestly, I didnt enjoy the band :'D

  I know, I thought that none of the performance really entertained me because of my high taste, but what I enjoyed is my time with my friends, Im happy that I can hanging out at a festival with my friends! We talked, photogarphing together, searched and tried some food and drinks, and I met my mother too!!!

  Hours passed by and its time to went home, I went home with my mother by car, oh and I bought some milkshakes for my lil' brother and sister at home too! I must admit that this day was very fun, I know, I know that I exeperienced some unfortunate things... But still, it was an experience... Yes, experiences that may never came again, experience that colours my life, experience hat will bring some memories at the future... Yep, definitely, Gamarvani was great and it is one of my memorable experience... EVER!!!

Thank you for your time reading my blog!!! See you next time Mi Amigo! ;D

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