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   Well this time my task was to post a blog about movie review, soooo lets get to it now!

   There are so so many movie out there, from the old school drama to modern sci-fi action, movies always increasing and always be better and better from time to time. But there are few movies that still great even though it was old, like the legendary Mr. Bean movie or the Star Wars saga (this one truly old), and one of my favourite is The Lovely Bones!

   The Lovely Bones was an adaptation from a novel created by Alice Sebold, later then it has a movie adaptation directed by Peter Jackson.. Yes, Peter Jackson! We all know that Peter Jackson did some great movies like Kingkong etc. And this one was great too! Heres the trailer first:

   Alice Sebold's novel "The Lovely Bones" was great, it was very sad and beautiful... and Peter Jackson did his best too on the movie, the movie's animation was so beautiful, emotional, and sad... So whats The Lovely Bones about?

   The Lovely Bones is a supernatural drama film that tells us about a 14 years old girl named Susie Salmon, she was born from a happy family, you know... a family that live happily ever after. Until one day... She was murdered by her Neihbour on 6th December 1973, right when she felt her first love with a boy... so sad :( Susie's family cant accept the truth that their dear daughter was killed, so they came up to investigate whos the killer. Meanwhile Susie was told to be live happily on a beautiful world on the Hereafter, a place between heaven and earth, called the "In-between". She met some friends that was actually a victim of her neighbour too, but Susie's life on the In-beetwen was disturbed by the fact that her neighbour was still lurking and searching for another victim, yet her family were driven stressed by her death.

The In-between

   It'll be a bunch of spoiler if i tell the rest of the stroy, so now i will tell about the movie review

1. Story = 9/10
   The story was very touching, it tells about a girl who was murdered at the day when she felt her first love. Then it was told that Susie lives on a beatiful place between heaven and earth, struggling to find the truth about her life, to chase someone that murdered him, to meet her family again, and to meet a boy that she loves again. 

2. Art & Animation = 10/10

   Dont ask abou the animation, it was freaking beautiful!!! Especially when it comes to the scene where Susies was at the In-beetwen, The place and the animation was really beautiful, it really felt like heaven.

3. Character = 8/10

   The characters on The Lovely Bones were good, Saoirse Ronan did her best as Susie, also the other character did their best too. Like Stanley Tucci as Mr. Harvey, and etc.

4. Sound = 10/10

  All the sound effect and soundtrack were very beautiful!!! It is very sad, deep, and emotional. It came to tears when they played the OST at some scene on the In-between.

5. Enjoyment = 9/10

   This movie was really enjoyable by those who likes sad movies, emotional story, and amazingly beautiful world an animations. Plus, this movie has some thriling atmosphere when it comes to the scene of the murderer.

6. Overall = 9/10

   As the summary, The Lovely Bones is a really sad, beautiful, and emotional movies that is really, really recommended for you who likes sad romance. Now for the Morale value, The Lovely Bones tells us about "Life and Everything That Came After" it teach us about the strong bonds of love between familie, about happiness and sadness, it is also tells us the pain of being deceived by someone you love, a pain to live a life that you never wanted to... This is truly a beautiful movie in my opinion.

   Sooo i think thats all again for my blog about "Movie Review", thanks for your time guys!!!

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