Minggu, 29 Mei 2016

Educations For the Better Future

   It is very critical when we talk about education in this world right now, because education is a common need for the young generations and all of the young generations are very, very important for the future of our world. They are the one who will run our world in the future, so what the world will be in the future depends on how they do it, and how they do it depends on their education. 

   So we can conclude that the education we teach today will affect on what the world will be in the future. If we plant an apple, then we'll get an apple, that is how education works to the young generation. In case for creating a better world in the future, then we have to educate them with proper knowledge and character building. Although knowledge is important, character is even more important, just like my school motto: "Knowledge Is Power But Character Is More" how can this be?

   First of all, lets take a look at "Knowledge Is Power" yes knowledge is power, in fact it is even the most powerful thing that human can have, how? Lets think about animals, animals became great and powerful because they have their own abilities and they are using it to live their life. For example cheetah became unbeatable with its speed, birds with their ability to fly, and jellyfish with their sting. Human too must use their ability to live, and that ability is our brain, we know that human is the only lving species on earth with intelligent. We can see clearly that humans with high knowledge has affect the world with their inventions and intelligent, like Newton whos nominated as the father of physic, Nicola Tesla who invents electricity for the world, and Albert Einstein with his General Relativity Theory that changed humans vision about the world in 1915.

   Now why character? That because no matter how high your knowledge is, it'll be useless if you have a bad attitude and character, in fact, people with bad attitude and character has misused their knowledge for bad things. For example, the corruptor who uses their cunning brain to get people's money for themself. The corruptor, they are nothing but a parasyte to our nation, I'm may be to sarcastic but it is true, and they can be like that because they didnt have proper education for heir character and attitude. But even people with least knowledge but good character, have more benefits than they who have a bad character.

   So if we want our future world becoming a peaceful place, led by people with good character and knowledge, then we have to develop education for the young generation. And when i said young generation, what i mean is all of them around the world, and thats the problem right now because education didnt spread completely and balancely. There are still many people who didnt get proper education, mostly because their economic condition and live on a remote area. This is world first poblem and we must solve it, the goverment had been thinking many ways to spread education to around the world but until now, we still havent complete it because financial needs.

   But i believe that someday, education will spread, many childs will have proper education for their knowledge and character, and the world will produce pioneers of big people that will turn our world in the future to become a better place.

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